Parent FAQ

How do I check my student out from a performance? 

To check out your student(s) from a football game, MPA, or any other performance- Email or send a note to Mr. Pierce, no later than two days before the performance.  

The student must be picked up at the bus once the band has loaded. No one will be allowed to leave before.
The person checking out the student must be on the check out list with the school. No exceptions

How can I stay to date with all of the events the band participates in?

The Facebook page, which is linked above, gives up to date information on our events.

What are band fees?

Band fees will be $175 per band student, not including the cost of extra or new shoes, colorguard shoes, or colorguard uniforms. They are a separate fee.

How can I help?

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the season. 

How can I pay my student's band fees?

As of right now, the only way to pay for band fees is via check or cash to Mr. Pierce.

You will receive a receipt from the school stating how much is paid and how much is still owed, if not paid in full.